Wormhole Anomalies

Origin of Wormholes


In order to understand the whole wormhole anomaly, it’s important to understand how they came about. Approximately a year ago, humanity completed its first space-bending device that is built to be compact and therefore can be fit into smaller space vessels for experiments. This project ironically, was granted by the Council of Foresight as Earth became increasingly inhabitable. Its main purpose is to warp space and bend it into small throat between two points where space ships can just sail right through.

They knew, if they can generate enough dark matter to sustain and stabilize the wormhole, it’s possible to shorten the distance between two points of the universe greatly. This meant that even if the location of the new planet is unknown, it’ll be possible to reach other potential planet candidates within months instead of light years.

The Anomaly


The experiment also carried a 0.0001% risk of an anomaly. The scenario of the anomaly is such that wormholes will be opened up almost everywhere simultaneously with certain disastrous consequences. If a wormhole is opened right beside a star or within the core of a planet, it may deliver gamma rays or molten rocks across the galaxy within minutes, blasting the area, eliminating almost anything in its path.

Unfortunately, the scenario came true. Upon opening the first wormhole leading to Earth’s moon, Lunar, other wormholes began to open up. Scientists were left baffled as to why other wormholes appeared to be self-sufficient.


The Council of Foresight deemed the anomaly as a disaster, a testament of technology being the harbinger of certain doom. They reasoned that with so many wormholes now opened, Earth is no longer safe from the Pirates we’ve been fighting with for decades. More importantly, it also meant that other alien races, if they exists, could now reach Earth much more quickly than ever; distance is no longer a parameter of defence.

To this end, the Council has ordered an evacuation plan to be drawn up. Humanity’s evacuation of Earth is likely to take place in a matter of months, if not weeks.


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