What’s Foresight?

What's Foresight?

Foresight is a 3D space-based Real-Time Strategy Game based on the PC platform. Fleets of spaceships engage in an epic struggle for dominance. It's a game where having numbers and technology alone will not be sufficient to decide the outcome; instead, strategic planning, mind-reading and unit positioning becomes part of the necessary ingredients for victory.

How to play?

Foresight is a very different type of [RTS game]. As a player, you'll have to build up your economy by harvesting Promethane Gas, your power and strength by building ships and recruiting capable commanders. From which, you'll then be able to establish fleets and execute your battle plan.

Finally, you'll have to defeat your opponent(s) in battle. Every player has a direct tangible representation in each game; if they're killed, the player they represent loses the battle immediately. Thus options like assassination by infiltration and outrunning enemy defences to check the enemy commander are actually possible in the game.

How is Foresight different compared to other space RTSes?

Here're a few differences:

  1. Players with a keen mind for strategy can now have the advantage. The outcome isn't decided by how fast you build or accurate your build order was executed.
  2. A degree of reasonable automation eliminates the need for players to do "administrative chores" such as logistics, small-craft deployment and efficiency in unit construction.
  3. Introduction of fleets on top of unit groups. Fleets talk to you and extent your command, allowing you to have more units than usually possible.
  4. Reduced complexity of build order and tech trees. We want you to focus on the battle at hand rather than to worry about fulfilling the tech tree to gain access to the largest spacecraft.
  5. Foresight maps is a network of small local map areas, inter-linked together to form the whole battle map. Each local area is known as a Sector.
  6. Fighters in the game actually conduct dogfights against each other. Bombers will perform bombing runs and strafe enemy targets.
  7. Each race has very specific and unique requirements, strengths and weaknesses; delivering a completely different experience every time you play a different race.
  8. Reconnaissance/intelligence units play a much large role in the battle than just looking out for the enemy.
  9. Most ships cannot fire omni-directionally; like ships in reality, their emplacements have a limit arc of fire. This also means that every ship will have one or more blind spots.

There're many more differences in Foresight waiting for you to discover and use to your advantage.

What's your battle plan?

Even though battles of Foresight takes place in space, there're many battle plans you can use to help you win the battle. For example, Blitzkrieg can be deployed using small but agile spacecraft that outruns enemy defences, heading straight for the enemy command, throwing your enemy into disarray.

Flank Attack is a classic battle plan used by many strategists and warlords throughout history to break the enemy forces from the sides or rear. You can execute flank attack easily in Foresight because ships cannot engage in all directions; giving the advantage of direction and position.

Breaking a fortified line? First thing in mind will be the force ratio. Having siege units will give you a higher force ratio but also makes you more vulnerable to enemy counter attacks. Coupled with reconnaissance units, siege weapons can fire from far, supporting the forces in front as they break enemy fortifications down gradually.

A Blockade can seriously starve your enemy from Promethane Gas. Do it long enough and the enemy will have slowly lose its battle initiative; allowing you to gain the advantage. These are only a few of the more well-known battle plans.

You're  hereby being challenged, even before the game begins, to formulate your own battle plan. Good luck, commander!

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista operating system, Windows 7 operating system or Windows 8 operating system
CPU: SSE2 supported x86/x64 processor, 1.7 GHz
Required Disk Space: 2.2GB
RAM: 1.5GB
Video Card: Shader Model 2.0, DirectX 9 compatible video card
Video RAM: 400MB
Sound Card: DirectAudio Compatible Sound Card
Additional Requirements: Administration permission to write to installation folder for saved games, campaign progress and logs.

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 operating system or Windows 8 operating system
CPU: SSE2 supported x86/x64 processor, 2.83 GHz
Required Disk Space: 3GB
Video Card: Shader Model 3.0, DirectX 9 compatible video card
Video RAM: 800MB (for high quality textures, 640MB for standard quality textures)
Sound Card: DirectAudio Compatible Sound Card
Additional Requirements: Administration permission to write to installation folder for saved games, campaign progress and logs.

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