Vulcan Mass Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Vulcan-class Mass Driver

Damage: Very Light - Light

Speed: Fast – Very Fast

Range: Short – Medium-Short


The Vulcan-class family of mass drivers are designed for speed and interception, sacrificing damage as a result. Alike other Mass Drivers, the Vulcan-class Mass Driver is essentially a bullet in space.

There’re many variants of Vulcan-class Mass Drivers typically designed for different purposes.

  1. Vulcan-MD 12mm caliber
  2. Vulcan-LDC 5mm caliber
  3. Vulcan-Magnum 9mm caliber
  4. Vulcan-HMD 22mm caliber

Vulcan-MD 12mm caliber

Mounted on [UNC Light Fighters], the 12mm caliber gives the UNC pilots a better chance of inflicting significant amount of damage against their targets. However, it requires some skill and aim to hit with this caliber, a skill that the UNC pilots are guaranteed to possess.

Vulcan-LDC 5mm caliber and Vulcan-Magnum 9mm caliber

Mounted on [UNC Gunships], the 5mm caliber is much smaller, lighter and thus faster and able to be fired at a much higher rate of fire. Because of their extreme speeds, there’s little need to lead and aim at their targets. Almost 90% of shots will hit their targets. However, due to its caliber size, it deals significantly lower damage than the 12mm. Though, against fighters, it’s still a terrifying weapon to behold.

The 9mm magnum on the other hand is mounted on [UNC Interceptors]. Used as an intercepting weapon, the interceptors can aim and fire with a high level of accuracy.

Vulcan-HMD 22mm caliber

Mounted on older UNC ships, the 22mm was phased out for better technology such as the Particle Drivers. Even so, the 22mm deals the most damage at high velocity. A recent overhaul has seen it being mounted on some of the latest [UNC Interceptors].

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