Voiceless Gunship

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Gunship (MK-I)

Armour: Light

Weapons: 4x Vulcan Mass Driver, 2x Heavy Vulcan Mass Driver, 1x Phoenix Missile Launcher

Role: Anti-Fighter Vessel


MK-I gunships were first featured in the opening stages of the civil war between the UNC government and the disenfranchised Voiceless coalition.

Out-gunned, the Voiceless devised plans to hijack stranded gunships. After acquiring a few, they managed to reverse engineer and acquired the means to build them independently.

As the war escalated, UNC losses began to heap pressure on the Council of Foresight to relent on their strict anti-war beliefs. Thus, an arms race began.

The MK-I gunship was eventually re-designated as the Voiceless Gunship. Though not as technologically advanced as the [UNC Gunship MK-II], it’s still a viable war machine in the hands of a capable commander.


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