Voiceless Frigate

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Medium Frigate (MK-I)

Armour: Medium

Weapons: 4x Standard Mass Driver, 1x Heavy Vulcan Mass Driver, 2x Vulcan Mass Driver

Role: Multi-Role Vessel


Originally designated as the standard UNC Medium-class Frigate. However, as the war wore on, the Voiceless pirates began to acquire these ships by various underhand means. With the advent of [UNC MK-II Frigate] later, the MK-I frigate was eventually reclassified simply as the Voiceless Frigate instead.

The MK-I Frigate consists of only mass driver type of weapons. It’s also lighter in armour compared to the MK-II variant. However, in large numbers, they can still pose a serious threat even though it’s an inferior ship.

Using an older cell fuel combustion technology, it’s easy to distinguish the difference between a MK-I and MK-II simply by looking at the colour of their main engine back blast. The latter having a distinct particle blue glow.

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