Voiceless Bomber

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Voiceless Fighters


Full Model Name: Voiceless Tactical Bomber

Armour: Medium

Speed: Slow

Weapons: 1x Heavy Vulcan Mass Driver, 1x Unicorn Torpedo Launcher

Role: Bomber


Sometimes when the Voiceless hijacks an entire [UNC Frigate MK-I], there might be unexpected bonuses stashed in the hangar.

One of these is the UNC Bomber. Heavily armed and well-armoured, these bombers give the Voiceless Coalition the teeth they need in their offence against the UNC government.

However, when compared against the UNC’s latest bomber variant, [UNC Bomber], it becomes less useful once their payload is expended as Heavy Vulcan Mass Driver does not do as much damage as the [Disruptor Particle Cannon].

Despite so, it’s important not to underestimate the power of these older bombers or suffer the fate of defeat by their hands.


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