Understanding Officers


What are officers?

Officers are characters you can hire in the game to help extend your command. Every commander has 3 known statistics:

  • Leadership – The extent of an officer’s capability to lead and think ahead. Officers with high leadership tend to micro-manage their own forces better and will offer you higher levels strategic suggestions.
  • Intelligence - This statistics determines how well an officer judges a situation on the ground. Officers with high intelligence tend to give better advise to their fleet commanders.
  • Observation - The higher this statistics, the better the officer is able to foresee where the enemy could possibly be. When appointed as a fleet advisor, this ability will be invaluable since it’ll allow the advisor to gather live intelligence and expose potential enemy positions to the player.

Does officers have characteristics?

Yes. Every individual officer has a specific characteristic defined by hidden statistics not made known to the player. This makes it more interesting for players to decide which type of officers are suitable for his/her playing style.

How do I start with officers?


Officers must be recruited before they can be appointed to any position in your naval force. You’re free to recruit as many officers as you want without any additional costs. However, if they should perish in battle, it’ll take a much longer time for them to return to your fold.

What can do with officers anyway?

You should – assign them to be either the Fleet Commander of a fleet OR the fleet adviser of an existing fleet.

How do I create fleets with recruited officers?

First of all, they must be moved from where they are onto a ship with sufficient capacity.


Upon recruiting your officer, the game will automatically asks you for a destination ship to move to. Why? Because structures cannot form fleets. Only ships can and the game automatically recognizes that. The button above shows the typical way of moving officers around after recruitment.

Remember, when officers are on the move, they’re extremely vulnerable to enemy fire or cross fires. Ensure that it’s safe to move them before doing so.


Notice the shuttle on the right moving towards its destination? These shuttles are typically well-armoured and can take some beating. But their armour won’t last long enough to outrun an enemy fleet blockade.


Once the officer enters the ship, an icon will display when your cursor hovers above the ship.

What’s next?

Now, you’re ready to create fleets.

To know more about fleets – please go to [Introduction to Fleets]

To jump directly into creating fleets – please go to [Creating a Fleet]

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