Understanding Standing Orders

Standing Orders are behavioural orders which dictates a certain parameters on how a ship should behave. Standing Orders can be useful in a ruse or in a controlled situation where you can’t afford to unleash the full power of your fleet on your target.


Standing Orders is considered to be an advanced topic in Foresight and should only be attempted by players who have played at least SIX hours in the single player campaign or single battle mode. Using Standing Orders the wrong way can result in highly undesirable results. You’ve been warned.



Note: The standing orders button is located at the box in RED. The box isn’t part of the in-game graphics and is used for illustration purposes only.

Click on the Standing Orders button to begin. Standing Orders are handled separately from other orders such as GuardAttack and Move. In fact, Standing Orders will compliment current orders to create different behaviours.

Standing Orders can be applied to a single ship, ships in a group or fleets.

 Standing Order types

standing_orders_2No standing orders – By default, all ships have no standing orders. The standard behaviour applies – ship obey orders, fight till they die without any initiative.

standing_orders_3Hold The Line - Ships set to this order will not flinch. They’ll rotate around to engage enemies in sight but will never consider to retreat or even give an inch of space to the enemy.

standing_orders_4Pursue and Destroy - Ships set to this order will behave like very aggressively. Not only will they initiate an attack on enemy vessels; they’ll also pursue after them till they’re destroyed. Such an order is suitable for clearing enemy bases automatically. However, under a skilled commander, the ship can be lured away easily and fall into a trap. Ships set to pursue and destroy will pursuit relentlessly, even crossing wormholes to continue until the target gets too far for pursuit to be possible.

standing_orders_5Silent Tail - As its name suggest, this standing order is primarily used to get ships to follow the enemy from a distance. However, this order can also be used to get your ships to stop firing immediately; useful for controlled environment situations. This order doesn’t shut down any shields or require any additional resources to run.

standing_orders_6Retreat When Attacked - Ships that are attacked will proceed to retreat to the nearest sector behind. This standing order is useful for a ruse of luring the bait into the net where you can destroy them easily.

standing_orders_7Conservative - Ships set to this standing order on when to give up a fight. As of now, when ships get reduced to less than 60% of its hit points, the ship, under this order, will begin to retreat.


Customized Standing Orders

There’re parameters within the standing orders in which you can dictate to a certain extend. Currently, there’re no user defined standing orders. However, do note that this feature is in our list of enhancements.

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