Understanding Command Radius


In Foresight, all commanders, including fleet commanders have a certain limitation of range when leading their forces. As the game map is divided into many sectors linked by wormholes, the playing commander will not have full information on sectors that are too far away. Therefore in the strategic map panel, you’ll sometimes see this:


Note: The circles in RED aren’t part of the game’s graphics

Every player commander has direct command of all the ships in the current sector he/she is in as well as 1 sector adjacent to it. Thus at any one time, a player commander can have direct access to a maximum of 5 sectors.

Consequences of drifting out of command radius


Note: This picture is an example of how it looks like when ships drift out of your command radius.

Ships that are out of command radius and essentially out of your control; you won’t be able to issue any direct commands to them. The only 2 orders that will work are:

1) Fleet Orders > Join Fleet – The vessel falls under the jurisdiction of another fleet

2) Recall Ship – Vessel turns around and returns to your location.

Command Radius for Fleets

With a fleet, the fleet commander can provide local intelligence for the playing commander to make use of. As a result, fleets are not susceptible to command radius limitation.


Some vessels have the ability to send local intelligence back to the playing commander. As such, when they’re in remote sectors, the player will still be able to give direct orders to them. Command Radius limitation do not apply to the following ships:

[UNC Scout]

[UNC Harvester]

[Sirerian Seeker]

[Sirerian Salvager]

[NSAU Explorer]

[NSAU Garrison Ship]

On top of that, all structures, regardless of mobility, are not limited by the player’s command radius.

All reconnaissance vessels isn’t impeded by command radius and will be able set up observation posts at remote locations. All expandable vessels too, do not have command radius limitations, allow the player to expand their base to remote sectors.


In the next chapter, we’ll talk about the importance of Officers and how they’ll eventually lead to creating fleets and huge armadas to aid you in your conquest for dominance.

>>> [Understanding Officers]

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