UNC (United Nations Confederation)



The United Nations Confederation was formed briefly after hostilities ended during the Final Nuclear War. By then, many nations lay in ruins and the main perpetrators have absconded and abandoned Earth altogether. The survivors from various nations made their perilous journey to what is known as the South-East Asia back then. It was the only region on Earth that has been largely spared from the flames of war.

UNC Background

The Council of Foresight

The Council of Foresight was formed as an overseer that keeps the UNC government in check. Unlike a Senate or Congress, the Council has absolute right to veto major proposals the government propose; especially military research projects.

See [The Council of Foresight] for more details.

Reprisals, Sanctions and Punishments

A court was then established to put representatives of surviving nations on trial for the Final Nuclear War. The outcome of the trial does not affect those who were charged, but rather the entire nation and her citizens. Segregation was then used as a tool of punishment for those who were involved as a perpetrator in the War. As a result, 4 different classifications were designated:

  1. Farmers
  2. Workers
  3. Businessman and Executives
  4. Elites

Those who were deemed guilty were designated as farmers as their punishment. This meant that now hundreds of thousands of survivors are obliged to grow the food on whatever arable land that is left to feed the rest of the world.

The lesser guilty ones were designated as workers who are tasked with rebuilding the infrastructure of mankind with known technology and eventually, rebuild civilization.

Those who weren't involved in the war, namely citizens from the "South-East Asia" nations are designated as business leaders, executives and enjoy an elevated status of citizenry in the UNC. 

Lastly, the Elites are comprised of a group of hand picked citizens trained to protect the UNC from any further aggression from within (Police) as well as from external forces (Navy). The Elites are at the highest echelon of the designation system and are highly celebrated. However, Elites are not designated by birth-right. Average farmers, workers, executives and businessmen can rise to become Elites if they're proven to be worthy. Thereby ensuring a relatively healthy society as the Council of Foresight has envisioned.

The Disenfranchised 

Every society has its flaws and people do fall through the gaps from time to time. A group of them soon became disenfranchised by the UNC government and the lack of action by the Council of Foresight only made it worse. Petitions made to both entities were largely ignored and soon, the numbers grew till they form a secret faction known as the Voiceless. Voiceless because their needs weren't respected, their dignity were battered and their ways of survival became much harder.

Not long after, a group of Voiceless terrorists hijacked several UNC naval ships by stowing on board secretly as they were being deployed to their space stations. In a bold operation, the hijacked ships conducted a diversionary attack on the UNC headquarters in Singapore, while sympathizers within the UNC navy supplied additional transport ships to evacuation the rest of the Voiceless populace to the Moon.

UNC Naval Forces

UNC Navy

The UNC Navy consists largely of ships made from very simple design with little consideration for weaponry. And with the constant obstruction from the Council of Foresight, very little can be done to improve the navy's ship design. At several points, port containers were even considered to be salvaged and weld as part of a UNC ship.


Note: The UNC Harvester is a prime example where actual SEA port containers were used as part of its hull.

The Council of Foresight argues that since the aggressors of the Final Nuclear War had disappeared, there's no need to build weapons of mass destruction or ships designed to rain potential destruction upon Earth.

It is only with the advent of the Voiceless, who has proved to be more than a challenge to the Council of Foresight that they relent and allowed proper naval ship designs to be used. Even so, it was done under extreme scrutiny and the Council wasted no time in rejecting components or modules that were deemed unnecessary or overtly aggressive.

UNC Frigate MK-II

As a result, the UNC navy ships looked more like a collection of scrap metal than proper warships in space. Even so, UNC ships do pack a moderate punch and can take a surprising amount of punishment.



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