UNC Refinery

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UNC Refinery

Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Promethane Gas Refinery Plant

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Weapons: None

Role: Gas Refinery / Processing Facility


A super structure designed to allow [UNC Harvesters] to dock, transfer its gas load and then refine the gas into valuable credits.

Each fully constructed refinery comes with a [UNC Harvester].

The UNC Refinery was designed with production efficiency in mind. Since Promethane gas has been found to be valuable, it’s unlikely to be a target for destruction. Coupled with the fact that Promethane Gas is volatile in nature, having armaments could endanger the structure and her personnel on board.

Currently, a Refinery can only accommodate 1 harvester at a time. Having multiple refineries will help speed up refining process leading to a stronger  economy.


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