UNC Railgun Turret

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in UNC Structures

UNC Railgun Turret

Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Railgun Defence Turret

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: 1x Railgun

Role: Multi-Role Defence System


The UNC Railgun Turret represents the zenith of UNC technology. The railgun technology which is built into the [UNC Destroyer] as light-weight variants are in its full form on this turret.

The railgun can deal massive damage to any targets with extreme precision and speed. It’s a turret that no fighter or starship would want to face head on.

However, it has a great thirst for power and can cause entire UNC bases to be shut down due to its excessive power requirements. On top of that, the railgun needs to be charged before it can be fired; thus giving the enemy ample warning .

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