UNC Power Plant

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UNC Powerplant

Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Power Plant

Armour: Light-Medium

Weapons: None

Role: Power Plant


Named plainly to avoid being associated with nuclear power when in fact, the UNC power plant is actually nuclear fusion reactor. A single unit is sufficient to supply power to a small base.

In order not to violate the tenets of Foresight, many fail-safe mechanisms have been built in place in event of sabotage or destruction by the enemy. This includes tuning down the amount of fuel rods used, as well as the size of the reactor in exchange for thicker steel armour casing. In an event of a catastrophic failure, much of the radiation would be contained.


All UNC Structures require power to be operational. If there’s insufficient power, all production structures will grind to a halt with the exception of the gas refining.

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