UNC Outpost

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UNC Outpost

UNC Outpost

Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Armed Outpost

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: 4x Heavy Mass Drivers, 4x Vulcan Mass Drivers, 4x Patriot Defence Missile Launchers

Role: Command Center / Space Dormitory / Outpost

Hangar Capacity: 8


In order to reduce the number of starships required to protect UNC convoys and recently, [UNC Harvesters], the Council of Foresight has commissioned for a new outpost super structure to be conceived as a stronghold or bastion, capable of defending itself as well as key installations in the area.

The result is an armed variant derived from the [UNC Command Center]. This super structure is self-powered, has heavy weapons and a large hangar; making it one of the most versatile UNC structures ever. On top  of that it holds basic construction blueprints which allows simple base and static defence expansion.

As with command centers, qualified officers frequent Outposts to offer their services as part of their tour of duty. Commander-in-chief s can then select from a pool of talents based on mission requirements to form fleets. Due to its versatility, Voiceless Pirates tend to avoid a direct confrontation in order to minimize losses. However, news has it lately that they’ve actually acquired the blueprints of this very structure and has since built a number of them around their own stronghold. We suspect a spy or sympathizer could be the culprit but so far, no one has been arrested just yet.



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