UNC Missile Cruiser

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Missile Cruiser

Armour: Light-Medium

Weapons: Launcher rack capable of launching 9 Dragonbreath Torpedoes in 3 salvos of 3 torpedoes each.

Role: Siege Weapon


The advent of an assault siege craft marks the departure from extreme conservatism. With the UNC Navy sustaining heavy losses in a war of attrition against the pirates, as well as her [UNC Shipyards] being overloaded with orders for repairs from damaged ships; the Council of Foresight was forced to approve the commission of designing a support fire siege weapon.

The Missile Cruiser has no hangars and its name itself is a misnomer since it technically doesn’t fire “missiles”. Instead, the long range guided [Dragonbreath Torpedoes] serve as its primary weapon.

Generally, a Missile Cruiser would require escort cover in order not to be caught out in the open. Even though her torpedoes are guided even against enemy fighters, she won’t last long with her relatively weak armour.

Combined with a [UNC Scout], her range can be extended beyond her own sight radius and is then able to hammer targets from a much further distance; striking fear and desperation into the hearts of her enemies.


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