UNC Medium Frigate (MK-II)

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UNC Frigate MK-II

Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Medium Frigate Mk-II

Armour: Medium

Weapons: 4x  Standard Mass Driver Cannons, 1x Standard Particle Driver Cannon, 4x Vulcan Mass Drivers

Hangar size: 6 fighters/bombers

Role: Multi-Purpose Ship


As more older MK-I frigates were being acquired or constructed by the Voicless pirates, it’s clear that the old ‘Police Patrol Frigate‘ will no longer be sufficient to maintain the UNC’s advantage.

Reluctant as the Council of Foresight might be, a new frigate design was nevertheless commissioned with the condition that the same superstructure design will be used for the Mark II Frigate.

As a result, however, designers had little to work with. They could only improve on existing weaponry and increase the quality of armour plating.

The final product is an all-rounder, with an array of weapons to deal with both enemy starships and fighters. The original hangar design was preserved, with the capacity of 6 fighter/bombers. New technology had also been introduced to improve its engine performance as well as weapon cooling systems.

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