UNC Interceptor

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Heavy Interceptor

Armour: Light

Speed: Fast

Weapons: 2x Mini-Mass Driver Cannons, 1x Heavy Vulcan Mass Driver Cannon, 1x Magnum Mass Driver Cannon

Role: Advanced Multi-Role Fighter


The interceptor project was commenced in conjunction with the [UNC Gunship MK-II]. The official justification is that, in an event where one or more MK II gunships are being hijacked, there’ll be almost nothing the Confederation can do to salvage the situation. It cannot allow the rogue vessel to leave but none of the UNC ships in the current arsenal is capable enough to either catch up with it or destroy it.

Thus, the Interceptor is designed as a fast, sleek and better armed and armoured to pursue and destroy stolen gunships before they can be used against the UNC.

Its armaments are impressive for a single fighter; so powerful that it can serve as a bomber or intercept other fighters with ease. Therefore such prized fighters will be costly to build.


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