UNC Harvester

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Promethane Harvester

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: None

Role: Gas Harvester


Serving as a non-combatant vessel, the Harvester’s primary goal is to collect valuable Promethane Gas scattered across the Solar System. Its heavy armour serves to protect its volatile contents from potential attacks. It’s secondary objectives however, is to convert into into a command structure. The Harvester can potentially transform into structures such as [UNC Command Center] and [UNC Outpost]; providing the ability for base expansions.

Because of its heavy amour, light pirate patrols usually summon reinforcements so as to have sufficient fire-power to destroy the craft before it reaches the safety of base defences.

The Harvester only collects Promethane Gas; it doesn’t perform any refining on its own and require a [UNC Refinery] to return and unload.

Originally designed as a garrison module vessel, the Harvester carries the floor plans of critical UNC structures and must be protected against falling into enemy hands.


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