UNC Global Repair Tool


Global Repair Tool

This tool appears whenever you play as the UNC faction. This tool essentially is meant to repair structures only. All repairs will require credits and will automatically stop when there’s insufficient funds to continue.

How to use?

Click on the button itself or press the shortcut ‘[' key to enable the repair tool. In this mode, click on any structures to begin repairing it.

In this mode, the mouse cursor will turn into a spanner:


The repair tool mode remains sticky and will only be deactivated if you:

1) Double-right-click
2) Press the '[' key
3) Go to options menu by pressing ESC

*Note : Structures that are under construction cannot be repaired to speed up their construction speed.

Repairing UNC Ships

UNC ships are repaired only when you direct them to a UNC Shipyard. All repairs will require credits and will automatically cease functioning when there's insufficient funds to continue.

* Note: Every ship and structure have their own individual repair times and costs. Repair costs can go as high as 75% of the vessel's original build cost.

Repairing UNC Fighters/Bombers

Small crafts are automatically repaired when they return to their respective hangars. The rate of repair is subjected to the UNC ship's hangar capabilities. Even so, however, there's a limit. Fighter/bomber repairs can only repair up to 75% of the craft's hit points. A damaged fighter/bomber craft can never return to 100% hit points.

* Note: Every UNC capital ship has a different rate of hangar repair. Typically, larger hangars have a larger repair crew.

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