UNC Destroyer

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Heavy Destroyer

Armour: Very Heavy

Weapons: 4x Heavy Mass Drivers, 1x Advanced Particle Cannon, 1x Standard Particle Cannon, 2x Tactical Railguns

Hangar Capacity: 8 fighters/bombers

Role: Multi-role Battleship


When the Council of Foresight commissioned the design of a super command ship, the designers felt that it was an opportunity to finally push technology to its limits without violating the tenets of Foresight itself.

While the UNC Command Ship – the [Democracy] was under construction, designers secretly worked on a separate ship design with the vision of bearing the most advanced weaponry UNC can offer.

The [Democracy] upon her commission,  immediately became the pride of the UNC. Designers were eager to introduce the Destroyer variant, but they had no justifications strong enough to convince the Council of Foresight. This was however, changed one day, when our long lost brothers, the NSAU, brandished their advanced weaponry to the UNC, forcing the council to reconsider their conservative stance.

Before long, the first UNC Destroyer rolled out from the shipyards bearing the pinnacle of UNC’s technological achievements. Heavily armed and armoured, the pride of the Destroyer stems from her 2 tactical railguns that are prominently mounted. These railguns possess immense penetrating and destructive power that can deal with heavily armoured starships or even quick moving fighters.

Coupled with an expanded hangar, the mere sight of a single destroyer is sufficient to drive fear into the hearts of her enemies.


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