UNC Democracy

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Command Ship

Armour: Very Heavy

Weapons: 4x Standard Mass Drivers, 3x Standard Particle Cannon, 8x Vulcan Mass Driver Cannons

Hangar Capacity: 16 fighters/bombers

Role: Command Ship


In order to assert its power over the UNC Navy, the Council of Foresight decided to make a single example of power via the construction of their command ship.

The Democracy was made to be a symbol of justice in the UNC, combining standard weapons of other weaker UNC ships, it serves as a bastion for the Council to unite the Navy against any aggressors.

It is on this ship that the Council puts military personnel on trial for their failures.

As an all-rounded ship, the Democracy is virtually impervious to almost any types of attacks; bombers or starships alike. Armed virtually across its flanks, it can unleash massive firepower and take on very heavy punishment.

It’s almost certain that the Democracy will be heavily guarded and escorted by the UNC’s elite.


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