UNC Carrier

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Carrier

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Weapons: 2x Incendiary Mass Driver Cannons, 1x Mega Particle Driver

Hangar Capacity: 12

Role: Fighter/Bomber Carrier


The inclusion of the carrier came through under controversial circumstances. Originally designed to be the mark II Frigate, the council swiftly rejected this design, claiming it to be too war-like and violates the tenets of Foresight.

A long and fiery debate then took place over the period of weeks, forcing both the armament ministry and the council of Foresight to make compromises. The result, a defensive carrier which is now designed to carry a squadron of 12 fighters/bombers. For removing the heaviest UNC weaponry on board, more armour is being added, making the carrier an incredibly tough vessel.

Despite so, most of the armaments on the carrier are considered to be the state of the art of conventional space weapons.

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