UNC Bomber

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Full Model Name: United Nation Confederation Tactical Bomber (MK-II)

Armour: Light-Medium

Speed: Medium

Weapons: 2x Disruptor Particle Cannons, 1x Unicorn Torpedo Launchers (6 warheads)

Role: Tactical Bomber


The heavy bomber was first conceived in the early days of the war against the pirates. Its original purpose was to deliver a powerful payload at the enemy and exit the battlefield as soon as possible.

Soon, with the advent of particle drivers, a Disruptor version was developed for this bomber variant. Unlike Standard Particle Drivers, the Disruptor version shatters metal molecules upon contact and behaves like a corrosive bolt of pure energy.

With it, the Tactical Bomber can be viable even after all its torpedoes are expended. Though not as effective as the torpedoes, the Disruptors can dish out significant damage too; making the Tactical Bomber a prime target for fighters to take out as soon as possible.


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