Thomas Lock



Aged 25. Lost both parents due to a freak accident at a very young age. Lock has been raised by the UNC government who has assigned several military guardians to oversee his growth. He has proved to be exceptionally intelligent and astute to his surrounding as well as the overall battle situation. At times, his advice had help his guardians turn the tide of the battle against the cunning Pirates.

Thomas Lock is accustomed to gathering every bit and pieces of information available and can make accurate judgement of situations even when he’s not there in person. His military genius has certainly caught the eye of the Council of Foresight.

* As the player, you’ll be playing as Thomas Lock, unravelling his story as you progress through the missions in different campaigns.


UNC Command Academy

Established in an effort to groom the younger generation into fine space commanders. It has strict entry requirements; only the best will be chosen to enter and the best of the best to graduate with first-class honours. An honour that effectively place the cadet a rank above his fellow course mates.

Thomas Lock was enrolled into the Command Academy by the venerable Admiral Pugalenthi who too, saw the potential in him.

Before the emergence of wormholes, battles were always fought on the same battle space; Lock had little advantage over his fellow course mates during simulation sessions on Earth. After the wormholes emerged and spun out of control, Lock has never lost a battle against any of his peers.

Towards the end of his course, Lock, along with a handful of cadets were hand-picked to vie for the coveted first-class honours. As such, he’ll be required to assume command of an actual ship with an actual crew on board.

Unexpected Fame

Since Thomas Lock has been accepted into the Command Academy, the Council of Foresight has spared no efforts in making him the “poster boy” of the UNC. As such, it has invited more rivalry between him, the rest of the cadets as well as existing active commanders to challenge him in the war simulator. Lock did not disappoint; he has never lost a single round against any challengers so far.

In the middle of the course, it was reported that Thomas Lock was romantically involved with one of the UNC female commanders. However, Lock has vehemently denied these allegations.

As the poster boy of the UNC, he’s regarded as the messiah, the saviour of humanity. It’s unclear as to why the Council did what they did but it’s certainly clear that Lock will play a major role in the UNC navy after he graduates.

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