Tactical Railgun

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Full Weapon Name: Tactical Railgun

Damage: Heavy

Speed: Very Fast

Range: Long

After-effects: None


In the next technological leap, the UNC has managed to develop the magnetic-propelled gun using the mass driver as its ammunition. Electromagnetic charged rails were developed to help direct the projectile and increase its speed as it’s being fired from the turret.

However, due to its inherent instability, the railgun has to be charged whenever it’s to be fired.

The tactical railgun was actually the first prototype variant used for testing. It’s tacitly named tactical so as to sound more precise and focused, keeping it within the tenets of Foresight.

Due to its extreme speed, the railgun projectiles are armour piercing and can deal a lot of damage accurately, even at fast moving fighters. The only solace for the enemy is that they might still have a chance to escape out of the railgun’s range before it’s fully charged for firing.

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