Tactical Nuclear Missile

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Full Weapon Name: Tactical Nuclear Missile

Damage: Very Heavy

Speed: Medium

Range: Medium

After-effects: Irradiation


The primary weapon of [Sirerian Decimators], the only way to evade this missile is to take advantage of its slow turn speed.

Targets being hit are subjected to moderate radiation, bleeding away hit points over a period of time. The terrifying fact about this weapon is that it’ll only take a fixed amount of missiles to destroy ANY target. That is, if the target can survive the missile’s initial impact. (See status effects for more information.)

For its extreme destructive power, Sirerian Decimators are often considered as high priority targets; sometimes even above enemy commanders due to their potential threat.
Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“Ah yes… we have the habit of giving our enemies a very warm embrace before they die…”

Nuclear Missile

Damage: Extremely Heavy

Speed: Medium-Slow

Range: Very Long

After-effects: Irradiation


Slavic Sirerian Admiral Vasily Andropov made no mention of such a weapon in his diplomatic archives.

Nothing much is known about this missile other than being a much more powerful variant of its tactical cousin. After a brief encounter with a strange group of Sirerians, UNC Admiral Harris Chen’s fleet was struck with one of these missiles and almost got him killed. His fleet was badly irradiated and had to beat a hasty retreat before a second missile hit. It was the second wave of scout patrol that finally got the technical readout of the missile. No images were sent back; no scouts survived.

(See status effects for more information on Irradiation)

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