Standard Particle Driver

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Full Weapon Name: Standard Particle Driver

Damage: Medium

Speed: Moderate-Slow

Range: Medium

After-effects: None


The first generation of clean weaponry from the UNC. The particle driver is usually fired from starships capable of hosting their batteries.

A particle weapon works by disrupting the molecules of the target on impact. After which, the target’s armour is temporarily weakened, allowing other weapons to deal greater amounts of damage than usual.

As part of the rearmament programme, a smaller variant known as the Disruptor-class variant is being designed to fit into [UNC Bombers].

Disruptor-class Particle Driver

It’s known for a long time that [UNC Bombers] are generally useless after they’ve delivered their payload. Thus, a modified variant of the particle driver, designed to fit into small bombers was designed. The Disruptor-class particle driver projectiles takes on a slightly different appearance when it’s fired.

Unlike the typical comet-like shape, the Disruptor fires oval-shaped projectiles that doesn’t have any trails. Disruptor shots are considered to be very focused and powerful, inflicting a lot of damage for its size.

Bomber crews have reported seeing holes in their target structure being punctured as they conduct their attack runs.

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