SS (Slavic Sirerians)



The Slavic Sirerians are some of the first alien species we’ve encountered ever since the Anomaly Event. Their naval commander, Admiral Vasily Andropov, has sent us a set of diplomatic archives containing detailed information about their race. The SS are interested in an alliance and might strike a deal with the UNC government in the coming days. As far as we know, the Slavic Sirerian is erratic and sometimes aggressive. We suspect that there’re more than one factions within the Sirerian race.

Slavic Sirerian background

Not much is known about the Slavic Sirerians till some time after the Anomaly Event. With wormholes leading to places, it was a matter of time we'll encounter other alien species. However, as their race suggests, they're not exactly aliens and clearly seem to have Human Slavic lineage.

Slavic Sirerians look very much like humans with the exception of skin and eye colour.


Admiral Vasily Andropov and his deputy Vice-Admiral Ivan Bakhtin

They speak with a strong Slavic accent and their race have a very strong sense of male superiority. There're almost no female commanders known to us in the Sirerian navy. We suspect they are descendants of one of the perpetrators of the Final Nuclear War, the Slavic Federation.

Admiral Vasily has avoided answering our questions regarding their ancestral heritage.

Source: Vasily's Diplomatic Archives

Slavic Sirerian Navy

Slavic Sirerian Navy

The size of the entire Sirerian fleet remains unknown. We've seen first-hand the powers of a single Sirerian Assault Frigate:


 A vessel well-designed and optimized for combat, its diminutive size makes it harder to hit, while its arsenal of chemical and plasma weaponry inflicts a lot of damage within a short period of time. It spots a cavity that act as some sort of a hangar.

Apparently, the ship is powered by a certain type of greenish glowing blood.

A much more powerful variant - designated as a Destroyer-class ship, is seen during our first contact with the SS. According to Admiral Vasily's diplomatic archives, this ship is known as a Slavic Sirerian Obliterator.


Admiral Vasily Andropov's flagship ship - the Potemkin

Plasma and Biological Weaponry

In Vasily's diplomatic archive, it states that all Sirerian ships use plasma and biological to some extent. Plasma weaponry is based on emitting some kind of very hot gases or chemicals that generate the gases required to fuel the projectile while biological weaponry are based on bacteria-infestation that chew on enemy ship hull.

Nuclear Arsenal

We also know that the Slavic Sirerian are in possession of nuclear weapons. It is unclear how the Council of Foresight will react to this revelation and if it'll change the way they think. But we do know that our navy might not be a match if we ever come up against such weapons.

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