Slavic Sirerian Blood Burst


Blood Burst

This mode appears whenever you play as the Slavic Sirerian faction. All Sirerian ships, structures and fighter/bomber crafts require Sirerian Blood to survive and regenerate cells lost in a battle. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have sufficient blood supply by building the Slavic Sirerian Blood Pool. To understand more about the adverse effects of a low-blood count, click here.

Blood Burst, when activated on a ship or structure (that draws blood), its blood consumption will rise 2x but in return, gain a 3x regeneration rate. On top of that, Blood Burst Regeneration works even when your ships are on the move; standard regeneration stop working when your ships move.

Note: Blood Burst only works on Sirerian units that draw blood from the blood pools. Units that are self-c0ntained (ie, requires no blood or even generate their own blood ) do not apply.

How to use?

Blood Burst is a select and toggle effect. First, you’ll have to select the vessels and structures, then click on the Blood Burst button or press the ‘[' key to toggle-activate it.

A ship with blood burst activated looks like this:


By default, the blood burst button or short-cut key toggles the blood burst state for all the vessels in the selection. This may cause some inconvenience to players who want to have a single turn-on or turn-off command for all vessels in the selection. Therefore, to impose a single blood burst state (All ON or All OFF) to a group of vessels:

1) Select desired vessels to be involved
2a) Hold CTRL to switch on blood burst for all the vessels in the selection
2b) Hold ALT to switch off blood burst for all the vessels in the selection

* Note: If your blood usage exceed your blood supply, Blood Burst Regeneration will NOT work.

Regeneration for SS Ships/Structures

Both SS ships and SS structures automatically regenerate health slowly if they're not in motion.

Regeneration for SS Fighters/Bombers

Sirerian fighters and bombers do not regenerate any hit points until they're in their respective hangars. Having blood burst switched on on their mothership doesn't affect them as well. Regeneration is entirely independent.

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