Sirerian Salvager

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Ships


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Salvager

Armour: Light

Weapons: None

Role: Harvester/Biological Refinery/Metamorphosis Cell Unit


Very little is known about this mysterious space craft which seemingly able to metamorphize into different Sirerian structures. From its behavior, it does seem to perform resource gathering and refining tasks as well.

Promethane Gas was seen harvested and then refined immediately instead of depending on a separate refinery. The unit was then spotted returning to an unknown structure to dock; presumably to unload its refined cargo.

It’s hypothesised that there should be at least 1 living crew commandeering this vessel; however, there’re no exit hatches or reasonably sized entrances for a separate entity to enter or exit, leading to the speculation that the single crew is spawned together with the Salvager as part of the whole.


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