Sirerian Punisher

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Fighters


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Punisher

Armour: Light

Speed: Very Fast

Weapons: 2x Light Plasma Cannons, 1x Punisher Bacteria Capsule Launcher

Role: Interceptor / Advanced Escort/Patrol Craft


The existence of the Punisher was discovered by pure chance. As our Scouts were patrolling the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars, they discovered a strange and extremely fast fighter craft pursuing a group of [Sirerian Marauders] which appeared to be deserters.

The Punisher as nicknamed for its apparent role, quickly caught up with the fighters and dispatched them with relative ease. Our scouts did a quick scan on their weaponry and discovered that they’re actually very advanced compared to their Marauder cousins.

It appears that the Punisher is likely to be the designated Interceptor of the Sirerian navy. Though it wasn’t mentioned in the diplomatic archives provided by Admiral Vasily Andropov as a gesture of goodwill, it’s certain that these interceptors are of a different class altogether.

Armed with a Punisher Bacteria Capsule launcher, it’s able to damage its target continuously as the bacteria from within chews into the hull of the victim. Unlike most Sirerian weaponry, the Punisher Bacteria Capsule is unusually concentrated and does not splash onto nearby enemies. Instead, its forward spine injects all the bacteria into the target, dealing massive damage from the inside.

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