Sirerian Pulverizer

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Fighters


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Pulverizer Bomber

Armour: Medium-Light

Speed: Slow

Weapons: 1x Bacteria Shot Emtter, 1x Nuclear Bomblet Launcher

Role: Bomber


Based on Admiral Vasily’s diplomatic archives, we know that the Sirerian does have a designated bomber for major assault missions. Although slow and bulky, it has a considerably thicker crustacean hull and possesses impressive firepower.

A rare Sirerian signature of precision, the Pulverizer is actually designed to be more tactical than destructive. This is likely because of the payload they carry;  4 nuclear bombs, each approximately 1 megaton equivalent of TNT.

In order to allow the bombers to escape the bomb blast, the bombs are actually being ejected with force, backwards away from the bomber, cancelling out its initial momentum. The bomb itself will slowly gain speed and has a fair amount of guidance towards its target. The bombers would have cleared the blast zone when the first bombs hit.


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