Sirerian Plasma Turret

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Structures


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Plasma  Defence Turret

Armour: Medium-Heavy

Weapons: 2x Heavy Plasma Cannons

Role: Anti-Starship Static Defence


Initial encounters with the Slavic Sirerians was largely hostile. As a result, the UNC Council of Foresight has ordered a general retaliatory strike against a Slavic Sirerian base near to one of our strongholds.

It’s in this battle where the Plasma Turret made its name within the UNC navy. Although seemingly small and weak, it actually packs a lot of firepower even though it doesn’t have a lot of batteries. A single turret can take down one of our frigates within a minute.

Fortunately, we were able to neutralize these turrets with our bombers, allowing the rest of our fleet to complete the retaliatory strike with success and with minimum losses.



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