Sirerian Obliterator

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Ships


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Obliterator-class Destroyer

Armour: Very Heavy

Weapons: 2x Massive Plasma Napalm Spitters, 6 x Standard Plasma Cannons, 4x Plasma Napalm Spitters

Hangar Capacity: 12

Role: Command Ship / Multi-Role Destroyer


First sighted when we encountered Admiral Vasily’s diplomatic task force. His ship, the Potemkin is an Obliterator-class destroyer.

This ship, by far, is the largest we’ve seen in the Sirerian arsenal. Vasily has maintained that there’re only a handful of command ships in the Sirerian Navy but we have reason to believe that there could be many more in service.

To fully understand its firepower, we’ve asked Vasily to give us a demonstration.

Our scanners show that the Obliterator has terrifying firepower with many turret/battery emplacements as well as a very thick crustacean armour capable of withstanding heavy damage.

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