Sirerian Nuclear Missile Turret

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Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Nuclear Missile Long-range Turret

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: 1x Nuclear Missile Launcher

Role: Multi-Role Static Defence


An incident occurred in the early stages of encounters with the Slavic Sirerians long before Admiral Vasily came with his friendly diplomatic archives.

One of our fleets, led by UNC Admiral Harris Chen was deployed to patrol near  Jupiter. As they entered the sector, they immediately discovered a [Sirerian Seeker], seemingly in a dormant state. Unwilling to provoke a battle, the Admiral ignored that Seeker and continued on his patrol path.

Suddenly, warnings rang on his bridge, indicating that a long-range missile of unknown origins was heading their way. Admiral Harris tried to deploy all his fighters, but it was too late.

The mysterious looking warhead slammed into one of his frigate’s hangar bay, destroying all the fighters from within. A massive nuclear explosion ensued; all fighters within the area were wiped out in an instant. A moment after, the entire fleet was irradiated by the nuclear blast.

Admiral Harris, injured by the blast, staggered to his communications and ordered an immediate retreat.

An hour later, a scout was sent to investigate the area. The scout managed to get closer and reported technical readouts back to base; the scout did not survive.

Based on the encounter, it’s understood that the Slavic Sirerians possessed mass weapons of destructions with enough firepower to wipe out an entire fleet with ease.

Special Note

It’s noted that the Sirerian Nuclear Missile Turret has an extremely long range, but they’re usually spawned alone with several other turrets acting as defenders. It’s likely that a fighter or bomber assault should be able to outrun and destroy the turret, though the risk of a total loss is rather high.


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