Sirerian Blood Pool

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Structures


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Blood Pool

Armour: Light

Weapons: None

Role: Blood Supply


Aided by Admiral Vasily’s diplomatic archives as well as our scout reports, we’re able to confirm that the Slavic Sirerians operate almost entirely on Sirerian Blood. Unlike us who depend on a power grid to maintain our base operations, the Sirerians depend on its special blood source to maintain theirs as well as their well-being.

However, the Blood Pool also serves all Sirerian ships in the area. This means that every ship in the Sirerian navy draws a certain amount of blood for survival and maintenance.

The effects of insufficient blood is unknown. Although it’s theorized that a lack of blood will cause biological damage and decay over time, there has yet been any evidence to back this theory.


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