Sirerian Bastion

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Structures


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Bastion

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: 6x Liquidator Missile Launchers, 2x Plasma Napalm Emitters, 4x Standard Plasma Cannons.

Hangar Capacity: 12

Role: Garrison / Bastion


Several of these outposts were discovered by our Scouts as they traverse deeper towards Jupiter. Unlike the [Sirerian Citadels], these Sirerian Bastion are heavily armed and is well capable of defending themselves.

Spotted at locations near to Promethane Gas patches, it’s presumed that these structures are there to protect harvesting operations.

Our scout squadron of 6 vessels did attempt to take a closer look but the Bastion returned heavy firepower that is so lethal, only 2 of them made it back to base with the technical readouts.


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