Sirerian Assault Frigate

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Sirerian Ships


Full Model Name: Slavic Sirerian Assault Frigate

Armour: Medium

Weapons: 4x Standard Plasma Cannon, 2x Plasma Napalm Emitters, 2x Bacteria Capsule Spitter

Hangar Capacity: 8 fighters/bombers

Role: Multi-purpose Assault Ship


Classified as an assault-class frigate, it packs a lot more firepower than a standard escort-class frigate, such as our [UNC Medium Frigate MK-II]. However, due to its design for extreme offensive missions, armour is sacrified; making it less able to take on heavy punishment.

The assault frigate also boast a large hangar with a capacity of 8. As such, it’s capable of turning the tides of battle very quickly.

As far as we know, the assault frigate seems to be the standard staple of Sirerian starships, appearing in large numbers and almost always heavily escorted by [Sirerian Fighter] patrols.


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