This page talks about shortcuts that aren’t obvious or explained in the game. Some are RTS basics, some are new shortcuts. We’ll describe them here in details and will also put them in the game in near future.

Note: All listed shortcuts are default keys. They can be remapped in the Controls section under Options.

Emergency Shortcuts

These shortcuts were made to help you recover from a sudden and potentially disastrous event such as an ambush or assassination attempt.

  1. HOME key (not numpad 7) – When you press it, you zoom right back to your player avatar. In Single Campaign mode, that’ll be Thomas Lock. Use this shortcut when you suddenly see that you’re under attack. Alternatively, you can click on your own portrait to snap back to your position.
  2. Ctrl+E - Earmarks everybody in the selected ships or structure to evacuate to another vessel. This is useful when you’re suddenly attacked and need to escape from the ailing host ship or structure. Remember to have a standby escape craft nearby so that you’ll have enough time to select it after pressing Ctrl+E.
  3. Alt+E – This is a fleet-only command. At times a fleet commander or/and fleet advisor who is in danger may not perceive the need to evacuate. Pressing Alt+E (a fleet must first be selected) will urge them to think again. Most of the time, they might change their minds since you’ve voiced your opinion.

In-Game Shortcuts

These shortcuts help improve your decision making processes.

  1. TAB (hold) – Reveals the IFF status of all fighters in the map. All fighters are shown as triangular glyphs. All bombers are shown as a bomblet glyph.
    Foresight - Fighter Blips 2
    The glyphs are colour-coded.

    1. Green – own fighters/bombers
    2. Light Green – own fleet’s fighters/bombers
    3. Yellow – allies
    4. Light Blue – neutral
    5. Red – enemy
  2. ALT (hold) - Reveals all short-cuts of visible widgets. All buttons except officer’s portrait buttons, will have a dedicated short-cut key assigned to it. Fleet panels will also reveal the short-cut to select the entire fleet beside the fleet panel description.

Formation Shortcuts

These shortcuts are used to adjust the formation or positions of your ships. Currently we only have several very basic shortcuts.

  1. key – Select a group of units or a fleet and press it to scatter your units. If they’re in a ship group (ie, made with Ctrl+0 – Ctrl 9) then they’ll scatter with a calculated centre of dispersion. That means all ships will scatter evenly away from each other. However if they’re in a fleet, then things are a little different. For a fleet, the centre of dispersion is always around the flagship – ie, the ship the fleet commander is residing in as his/her command ship.
  2. Ctrl+X - Select a group of units or a fleet, press it to gather your units. Rules applied for scattering will be applied for gathering.

Note: More formation shortcuts will be introduced in the future to set formation to a group or fleet.

Ship/Unit Grouping

Ctrl+0 till Ctrl-9 - Select a group of units, press it to assign them to a ship group. While they work exactly the same as any unit grouping mechanisms out there; they lack the leadership to travel in tandem or be semi-autonomous. This is however, useful if you need to have a certain type of ships around your player avatar as well as scout groups. Pressing the corresponding number selects the group. A few rules apply:

  1. Pressing the same number twice causes the camera to go to the centre of the group. The centre is a calculated position.
  2. Units that are in dormant mode will be excluded from any kind of formation movement, attacks or calculating the centre position.
  3. If the group is in 2 different locations, ie, travelling from one sector to another and part of the group is already in that sector, it’ll select the largest ship or one with the highest command in the group that is selectable. Ships that are going through the wormhole isn’t considered. Thus you might get various ships in the group being centered if you keep closing in the group.
  4. If ships are separated entirely in one or more sectors, and you press the group number twice, the game will only bring you to the largest ship or one with the highest command that is selectable. Ships that are going through the wormhole do not count until they’re out. This might explain why sometimes this feature doesn’t work at all.
  5. Only ships in the current sector that belongs to your group will be selected.
  6. Ship groups can only obey your command from 1 sector. That means, if there’re 10 ships, 5 ships in sector 0, 2 ships in sector 1, 3 ships in sector 2 – and you’re also in sector 0, then only 5 ships will respond to your command.


F1 – F5 select the fleet of your choice. You can have up to 5 fleets. To know more about fleets, start from [Introduction to Fleets].

Pressing the same key twice brings you to the fleet’s flagship. However, there’re some cases where the fleet cannot be selected because the flagship is in transition.




When a fleet is selected and given orders, it’ll be applied automatically to ALL ships in the fleet, including ships that are in remote sectors. However, naturally, ships that are under construction or selected ships in dormant mode will not be affected.


Lastly, we have 2 camera modes other than the tactical camera view (default view).

Ship Chase Cam

Hover your mouse cursor above a ship. It’s not necessary to select the ship. Once the ship lights up in recognition, press F11 . The camera will change and become a 3rd person chase cam following the ship from behind. This camera mode is limited to the current sector only and will stop functioning when the ship it’s chasing enters a wormhole.

Press ESC to return to tactical camera view.

Fighter Chase Cam

Hover your mouse cursor above a ship that has a hangar and fighters or bombers deployed already, press F10. The camera automatically picks a fighter or bomber to chase from a certain distance behind. In this mode, the camera will automatically switch to other fighters or bombers if the current vessel in focus enters a hangar or is destroyed.

Press F10 again to cycle through other fighters or bombers that belong to the same mothership.

Press ESC to return to tactical camera view.

When the ship has run out of fighters or bombers (either by returning to the hangar or was destroyed) the camera automatically resumes tactical camera view.

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