Understanding Sector Map


The sector map is a new feature that may not be familiar to some gamers. This page is dedicated to explain and clarify certain points on the sector map itself.



First of all, what's the purpose of having a sector map? In Foresight, each map area is known as a Sector. The entire collection of inter-connected sectors are known as the sector map. Every game map or mission may have different collections and/or arrangement of sectors.


Sectors may be connected to one another via Wormholes. Each Sector may at most have up to 4 connections. Ships that enter through the wormhole will have a short delay where they're vulnerable.


The sector map will consist of the following data:

  1. Connectivity between sectors.
  2. Activities or information on own units (green), allies (yellow), neutrals (cyan) and enemy (red). #
  3. Current location of fleets.*
  4. Current situation.**

# Colours do not indicate the faction colour itself. They standard colours to depict its current status against your forces. * Current location of fleets is determined by the current location of its fleet commander. ** Current situation includes

  • Are ships in that sector under attack?
  • Are there any resource gas patches in the sector?
  • Are there any celestial disasters looming in that sector? (Not available yet)


To know more about the functionality of the Sector Map, click [here]

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