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Promethane Gas was first discovered some time after wormholes began appearing in the solar system. It took some time before it was ascertained that the gas is indeed value and essential for the progress of humanity. Though the origins of this gas is relatively unknown, it’s observed that gases usually appear near wormholes and slowly migrate away from the wormhole itself. It’s thus speculated that Promethane Gas did not originate in the Solar System and came through a multiple series of wormholes. Eventually, some of it managed to seep into our local star system. It’s unclear though, how much gas has entered the Solar System.


We are certain that Promethane Gases are not mobile and are probably moved by solar winds or by nearby gravitational influence. There seems to be a core where they continuously concentrate and disperse. The continuous friction between gas molecules charges them and occasionally, lightning flashes can be seen within the cloud itself. Fortunately, these lightning strikes are relatively harmless to our harvesters.


We’ve observed the Promethane gas patches ever since it came about and realised that there’re at least 3 types of gases going around. Each type of gas has significant differences between one another. All Promethane gas types are volatile. This means they’re susceptible to powerful impacts, not necessarily from the weapon projectile itself, but from the impacts generated when a weapon strikes a surface. When a ship is too near a Promethane Gas patch, a direct hit will cause its immediate surroundings to burn in yellow-blue hot and a shock wave of heat radiates outwards, damaging all crafts caught in its blast radius.

It’s observed that weapons that inflicts area damage will have its blast radius amplified radically when the impact takes place within or nearby a Promethane Gas Patch. The resulting heat shock wave can be devastating.

Lastly, we’ve noticed that Promethane gas patches replenish itself over time if left untouched and it can even grow in volume and density, increasing in luminosity over time.


Promethane Gas is considered to be extremely valuable for commerce trade and military use. It is the primary source of economy for your war efforts. Harvest them well, but make sure your harvesters are well-protected. Our harvesting process requires further processing from a [UNC Refinery] to dispose of useless gases and convert the gas into credits. However, do take note that other known factions may not have the same process. For more information on each gas type, click on the links below.

Known Variants

[Promethane Type-I]

[Promethane Type-II]

[Promethane Type-III]

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