Promethane Gas Type-III

Promethane-III-Gas (Web)

Promethane Gas Type-III

Value: 1.6 credit / per unit

Volatility: Very High

Stability: Unstable


Roughly 6 months after the wormhole anomaly event, a new type of gas enters our regions of space. Glowing distinctively in Amethyst Purple, this type of gas is dense, aggressive and highly unstable. Lightning streaks occur frequently and there’s a high chance a single patch can suddenly turn into a violent ionizing gas storm.  On top of that, it’s extremely volatile, massively amplifying projectile impacts and blast radius, making it a very dangerous area to be in during a battle.

Perhaps, the only thing positive of this gas is its worth; yielding 60% more credits than the typical Promethane Gas Type-I, it makes it worthwhile to risk harvesting in such dangerous conditions.

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