Plasma Napalm

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Full Weapon Name: Plasma Napalm

Damage: Heavy

Speed: Slow

Range: Medium

After-effects: Spot Conflagration


The Plasma Napalm was first discovered when a [UNC Medium Frigate] took a direct hit from another [Slavic Sirerian Assault Frigate]. The plasma slammed into the starboard hangar, triggering a firestorm from within. The captain had to seal off all access to that hangar; 6 men were lost in the flames.

This weapon, although somewhat similar in appearance as the Plasma Cannon variants, is actually more stable and controllable. Each hit splashes huge amounts of green hot plasma onto the target’s surface, conflagration ensues even in the absence of combustible gas.

Fortunately, it seems that this weapon isn’t fired with a high rate of fire or else our crew would have been cooked alive from within.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“Even when it’s over for us, it’s not over for them…”

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