Plasma Cannon

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Full Weapon Name: Medium Plasma Cannon

Damage: Medium

Speed: Medium

Range: Short

After-effects: None


We’ve observed in our early encounters with the Slavic Sirerians that they were using some form of plasma as their primary weapons to attack our scouts.

Chemical and burn analysis from surviving UNC Scouts revealed that their hull were exposed to severe burns and high temperatures. UNC Scientists concluded that it’s a weaponized form of plasma.

While a direct hit from a plasma weapon will not threaten most of our ships, it’s the heat that is being transferred onto the ship that threatens the crew. There were already reports of crews suffering from 3rd degree burns after Sirerian encounters.

Other Variants

It’s known that a smaller but slightly more unstable variant exists in the Sirerian navy, mounted onto small fighters. The light plasma cannon deals significant damage but is highly unstable due to its variance in speed and firing accuracy.

However, despite so, the plasma weaponry has achieved far more destruction than previously thought possible. Not being bound to the tenets of Foresight, the Sirerians have free rein in their weapon design.

Excerpts from Admiral Vasily Andropov’s diplomatic encyclopaedia:
“Cowards cannot hide behind their armour. Our plasma arsenal will remind our enemies… there’s nowhere to hide.”

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