Outcast Patrol Corvette

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Full Model Name: Outcast Patrol Corvette

Shields: Light

Armour: Light

Weapons: 5x Micron Laser Turrets

Hangar Capacity: None

Role: Anti-Fighter Vessel


These ships began appearing some time after the Wormholes began to open up. It’s clear that these ships came from the Outcast Renegades and definitely has superior technology way ahead of the government’s.

Based on NSAU government’s intelligence gathered, these ships have the capability to hit their targets immediately with 100% precision and accuracy. Armed with the latest Laser technology, the Patrol Corvette can beam directly at their targets and fire; there’s no need to lead the target.

With this technological achievement, the Outcasts have managed to build the ultimate anti-fighter war machine. No fighters, even the fastest of them all, can evade the beams fired by the Patrol Corvette.

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