Outcast Liberator

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Full Model Name: Outcast Liberator Destroyer

Shields: Very Heavy

Armour: Heavy

Weapons: 2x Heavy Laser Cannon Batteries, 1x Disintegrator-class Stream Laser, 6x Light Laser Cannons.

Hangar Capacity: 6

Role: Command Ship / Advanced Multi-role Destroyer


The Liberator is the largest ship ever built by the Outcast Renegades and is also the largest within the NSAU faction. Heavily shielded and armoured, it represents the peak of technological advancement within the Outcast faction.

Built with the latest Disintegrator-class Stream Laser, which can fire short bursts of highly destructive energy and coupled with a hangar,  it’s virtually an unstoppable war machine.

Such valuable vessels are rarely seen in action; even its leader – James Cornelius, was never spotted commandeering one of them. While we’ve the technical readouts of the ship, it’s performance in an actual battle remains unknown to us.

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