Outcast Javelin

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Outcast Fighters


Full Model Name: Outcast Siege Javelin

Shields: Medium

Armour: Medium

Speed: Slow

Weapons: 1x Perforator-class Stream Laser turret

Role: Anti-Starship Heavy Fighter


One of the brightest innovations towards the Stream Laser technology is be able to build a weapon that can fit onto a fighter and yet maintain the same if not more powerful damage qualities.

The Laser Boat acts as a “bomber” class fighter for the Outcasts. Launching from their hangars to perform attack runs on enemy starships with the one and only primary weapon.

As its weapon is energy-based, it doesn’t have a limited payload and can continuously perform attack runs without losing any firepower (due to expended payload).

With its tough shields and armour, it’s able to withstand retaliatory fire while firing its own primary weapon away.


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