Outcast Enforcer

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Full Model Name: Outcast Advanced Space Enforcer

Shields: Medium

Armour: Light

Speed: Very Fast

Weapons: 2x Advanced Light Laser Cannons, 2x Micron Laser Beam Turrets

Role: Advanced Interceptor


Being free from the NSAU government, the Outcast is free to enhance the original [NSAU Fighter] into an advanced fighter beyond compare. The result – the Outcast Interceptor.

Heavily armed for interception duties, the Interceptor is built for speed, agility with exceptional firepower and shielding.

One of its most lethal weapons is the dual Micron Laser Turrets mounted in front of the Interceptor, giving the immediate ability to damage their targets without the need to lead-aim.

Alike the rest of Outcast vessels, the Outcast Interceptor is rarely seen in actual battle.Though some [NSAU Explorers] have reportedly seen it in action against their weaker cousins.


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