Outcast Crimson Lancer

Written by Jeremy Lee on . Posted in Outcast Ships


Full Model Name: Outcast Crimson Lancer Siege Frigate

Shields: Medium

Armour: Light

Weapons: 2x Crimson Lancer Stream Laser Turrets

Hangar Capacity: None

Role: Long-ranged Siege Vessel


The Crimson Lancer frigate represents the peak of Laser Stream technology. Final enhancements make the Crimson Lancer Laser Stream a very potent energy weapon.

Able to fire from an extremely long range, the Crimson Lancer charges up its main weapon before firing. Bright gathering wisps of energy demoralizes the enemy before its immense firepower is unleashed upon it.

As the Crimson Lancer is fairly well-shielded, it’s able to withdraw from battle when necessary with ease. However, since its primary weapon cannot fire on the move, it’s totally defenseless during a retreat.

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