Olympus Mons Missile

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<insert olympus mons missile>

Full Weapon Name: Olympus Mons Missile

Damage: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Range: Unknown

After-effects: Unknown


As the [Aeolis Mons Missile] is being deployed onto [NSAU Lens Frigate], there were rumours of an even more powerful missile being designed to specifically deal with heavily shielded starships. However, the NSAU Council of Foresight has vehemently denied such allegations.

Rumours faded with time and this missile project was soon forgotten.

Until one day, when the NSAU Council of Foresight suddenly commenced a project to build an extremely large dreadnought known as the [Vindicator] and that this missile will be fitted into it as its secondary weapon.

Even so, we have no further information on the missile’s capabilities. Rumour has it that it’ll be one of the most powerful missiles ever deployed; its firepower rivalling the much feared nuclear missile.

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